Full-Fat Goat Milk Powder

Made with pasteurized goat milk.


Goat Milk Powder

Standard Product Analysis

Chemical constitution             
Total Protein (Ν x 6.38) DM%26,0
Humidity%max 4,0
Natural properties  
pH (10% solution)%6,5
Acidity in lactic acid%< 0,15
Solubility indexml< 0,1
Purity (ADMI)discA/B
Detection of cow milk Not Present
Microbiological specifications  
Total microbe loadcfu/g<10.000
Coliformscfu/g< 10
E. colicfu/g<10
Yeasts & Moldscfu/g< 50
Salmonellacfu/25gNot Present
Listeriacfu/25gNot Present



Full-fat Goat milk powder is packaged in paper, multi-ply bags, internally coated with polyethylene and with a net weight of 20 Kg.

It is delivered in 110 x 120 cm pallets with a total weight of 1,000 Kg.

Storage Conditions

Full-fat Goat milk powder must be stored in closed bags, in a cool and dry area (20°C, 60% R.H.) without strong odors. It must not be directly exposed to sunlight and bags must not come in contact with the walls and floor.

Expiration Date

In the above conditions, full-fat Goat milk powder can be excellently maintained for at least one year after its manufacturing date.


The above values constitute information on the product. You may also request the lot certificate.

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