The group’s plants are geographically allocated to cover all whey processing needs in Greece. Epirus Protein SA in Ioannina, REAL in Karditsa, Makedonian Protein SA in Kilkis and Achaian Protein SA in Kalavrita.


Also part of the Group is Protein Engineering, a company with extensive experience in equipment supply and know-how in the field of dairy farming.


Epirus Protein in Ioannina is the first plant operating in Greece in the processing of whey and production of whey protein powder. The plant’s functionality and flexibility in the production process have allowed it to become one of the most modern plants across Europe.


Epirus Protein in Karditsa is the largest E.U. industry in the production of demineralized goat/sheep whey supplied to the baby food industry of China and the USA.


Makedonian Protein in Kilkis is the third plant in line owned by the Hellenic Protein Group, processing whey for the production of whey protein powder. The plant occupies a land of 10,000 sq. m. and its processing capacity can cover the needs of the wider area of Macedonia.


Achaian Protein in Kalavrita is a separate production facility with regard to the rest of the whey processing plants. It is a whey collection and pre-condensation center and supplies its finished product to other plants of the Group for further processing.