Epirus Protein

Epirus Protein in Ioannina is the first plant operating in Greece in the processing of whey and production of whey protein powder. The plant’s functionality and flexibility in the production process have allowed it to become one of the most modern plants across Europe.

The plant occupies a land of 8,000 sq. m. and its capacity amounts to 50,000 tons of whey annually, producing approximately 3,500 tons of various whey products, whey and whey permeate in powder form. The initial goal of Epirus Protein is to export the products of its plants to E.U. and Balkan countries.

The Epirus Protein plant applies the principles of “green” industry, cooperating with the largest milk industries of Epirus for the supply of raw materials and providing the most reliable solution in the major ecological problem of whey utilization.