Terms of use

1. Introduction

Through this website you can inquire about the services offered by the www.hellenicprotein.gr project. These General Terms and Conditions governing the website and the purchase of services (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions” or “Terms of Use“) determine the terms and conditions of your browsing on the website as well as the website’s use.

It is expressly agreed that the retention of this website by the www.hellenicprotein.gr project is not a proposal for the conclusion of a sale’s contract with each USER. During your tour thought this website, you acknowledge that it is governed by specific terms, as they arise according to the present terms and conditions as well as by the applicable legislation. In the event of your disagreement with any of these Terms, you should not take any action both at the www.hellenicprotein.gr project’s Website, including your simple browsing. However, any action, as for example you’re browsing, will be considered as an unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The use of this website is at your sole responsibility.

For the purposes here of, you are referred to as the USER (member or not of this website).

2. How to use the website

Prior to accessing the website, the USER must read and comply with these binding terms and conditions governing its use and accept them unconditionally, as articulated by the www.hellenicprotein.gr project. It is expressly agreed that the www.hellenicprotein.gr project is not liable for any damage or loss caused to the USER or any third party due to improper compliance to the website’s terms and conditions of the website by them.

3. Hyperlinks – Links

This website may contain hyperlinks or links to websites that do not belong to the www.hellenicprotein.gr project. The www.hellenicprotein.gr project expressly declares that bears no responsibility for the content of those websites, which are governed by their own terms of use, which the USER should read carefully before navigate to any of them.

4. Modifications

The www.hellenicprotein.gr project reserves the right to set different content of these terms, always within the framework of legality and the USER recognizes this right to the www.hellenicprotein.gr project.

The www.hellenicprotein.gr project reserves the right to further amend and / or repeal all or part of the website’s contents (such as texts, pictures, product descriptions, etc.) without warning, as well as to restrict access to the entire website or part of it. Using this website after the above mentioned amendment, is deemed as an acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions.

5. Disclaimer

The www.hellenicprotein.gr project is not liable towards the USER, if for any reason the website is unavailable at a given time or for any period. The www.hellenicprotein.gr project notes that the site may display technical errors with immediate effect on the presentation of the contents of site subjects (including but not limited to photos, prices, texts etc.) for reasons it has no responsibility and promises to strive for their faster resolution.

6. Rights

All content, logos and software of this website are considered as the intellectual and/or industrial property of the www.hellenicprotein.gr project or any third parties contracted with the www.hellenicprotein.gr project. Therefore, the content of this page is available to the USER only for personal use only and in no case for public or commercial. The www.hellenicprotein.gr project expressly declares that the USER can store, print and display the content provided by this website solely for personal use. It is not permitted to the USER to publish, manipulate, distribute or otherwise reproduce, in any form, whatever is displayed on this website. Moreover, the USER cannot modify or create derivative works based on any software or documentation supplied by this website.

No licence or consent is granted to enable the USER to use the marks of the www.hellenicprotein.gr project in any manner, and agrees not to use these marks contained on this website or any similar symbol. It is expressly agreed that the USER will not use the name or the website of the www.hellenicprotein.gr project in a way that may cause any harm or damage to the www.hellenicprotein.gr project or a third party, while the USER is solely responsible for the recovery.

7. Print – Storage of conditions

For the purpose of the safety of transactions, the USER has the ability to store and / or print all the terms of use of this website.

8. Possibility of communication

For any query or complaint about the contents on this website and its terms and conditions, the USER can communicate by email at info@www.hellenicprotein.gr

9. Confidentiality

The www.hellenicprotein.gr project expressly warrants that all necessary technical and organizational measures have been taken to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all the USER’s data.

However, with the creation of the account, the USER promises to abide by all appropriate security measures in order to maintain the confidentiality of user account details. The www.hellenicprotein.gr project states that is not responsible for restoring any damage or injury resulting from failure to observe appropriate safety rules by the USER and, as such, the respective USER, after the completion of any communication through the account, should safely exit from the account (disconnect) and preserve the non-disclosure of personal account information to any third party. In case of loss or despite the foregoing in any way disclosure of the secret password to a third party, the USER shall promptly notify the www.hellenicprotein.gr project at the e-mail info@www.hellenicprotein.gr